5 Quarterbacks with the Most to Prove This Preseason!

The preseason is here! And with it, some quarterbacks have much to prove to their respective fanbases and franchises that they can lead their team to victory for the 2018 season.

Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs moved on from my boy, Alex Smith.  Now they will see if they made the right decision, and it all starts with the preseason.  Everyone knows that Mahomes threw a lot of INTs in training camp, so if Mahomes continues his turnovers into the preseason, there may be cause to worry.

Jimmy Garoppolo 

Jimmy is one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league…But Jimmy G is also one of the most over-hyped quarterbacks in the league.  Jimmy G…aroppolo has much to prove (at least to me).

Baker Mayfield

Being drafted first means extra eyes watching your every move.  The Browns have had the worst luck with drafting quarterbacks.  You thought the Browns were named after their founder, Paul Brown…But they were actually named after Charlie Brown, since they have the same sort of luck and everything.  In any case, Mayfield could change the franchise for years, or he may be like every QB before him.

Any Buffalo Bills Quarterback

I honestly am not satisfied with any of the quarterbacks the Bills have to offer. A.J., Nathan and their new addition have not proven that they could lead a team for a month, much less for years to come.  As long as one of them can prove themselves worthy this preseason, me…And the Bills organization, would be much more happy-er-est.

Joe Flacco

I almost did not include Flacco on the list, but I decided to add him last second.  Flacco has been disappointing for the Ravens franchise, and fanbase ever since they won the Super Bowl.  Now, with the Ravens pressuring Flacco by drafting Lamar Jackson, Flacco is on the hot seat to prove that he can finish out his career in Baltimore.  If he underperforms, not only is his job at risk, but any fandom that Flacco may have left in Baltimore would be thrown out the window, crushed on the streets, burned and then forgotten forever.

But hey, that is just my opinion.  What is yours, SR Nation?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember…be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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  • Peterman has looked awesome so far, and Allen is growing into his own. Dude’s got a hose, too, what a BOMB. McCarron, unfortunately, had some shoulder woes on Friday, so we’ll see where we go from here. Who starts this week? We shall see.

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  • I mean to write about Mayfield, too! Having watching the game on Friday, I wasn’t super-impressed by Baker, even though I was hoping (pre-draft, before I knew who was who) that the Bills would be able to get him. I’m very happen with Allen so far, though trying not to get too excited, haha. Of course, it’s still the preseason, nobody is seeing any exotic packages yet, and there are discrepancies in team 1 v. team 2, etc. September is coming fast though..


  • Philip Rivers has a lot to prove as well

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