Wins Big, Loses Small: Who is Brooks Koepka?

The PGA Championship finished this weekend, and Brooks Koepka took it home.  Koepka was able to beat out Tiger Woods, much to the media’s and casual sports fans disappointment.  If you are not someone who keeps track on everything golf, then Brooks Koepka may be a new name for you.  However, Koepka is not a new name to the Majors.  Koepka has won three major championships in golf in the last 14 months (a very short amount of time).  Koepka won:

  • The 2017 U.S. Open, winning by a 4 shot margin over the runner-ups.
  • The 2018 U.S. Open, winning the tie-breaker against Tommy Fleetwood.
  • The 2018 PGA Championship, winning by a 2 shot margin over Tiger Woods.

Koepka has been one of the most active Major-Championship winners over the last 2 years, and yet he remains relatively unknown.  Koepka was born and raised in Florida, was a 3-time All-American Golfer in college, qualified for the 2012 U.S. open (Koepka was only 22 at the time) and has a younger brother who is also a professional golfer.

Ironically, Koepka has only 11 wins overall (professionally), counting majors and normal golf events.  The last time Koepka had a tour win that was not a major was in 2015.  So like the title says, Koepka wins the big ones, but loses the small ones.

Koepka has won consecutive U.S. Opens, which has happened only 7 times in history (with the last occurring in 1989).

More recently, Koepka has won both the U.S. Open, and PGA Championship in the same year, which has not happened since 2000…By Tiger Woods.

In any case, a major congratulations goes out to Mr. Koepka for his most recent win, and hopefully he will become a household name for sports fans across the world.  What do you think the future holds for Brooks Koepka, SR Nation?

Question of the Day: Will Koepka hit more than 5 major wins in his career, or will Koepka only win 5 or less throughout his entire career?

And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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