The Day We Were Americans

17 years ago today, it started as any other day.  The sun rose, and the birds were chirping.  It looked as if it would be another normal day in life.   However, to the terror of Millions of Americans, there “Normal Day” would change into utter horror.

Most people remember where they were when they heard the news.  People were terrified, and frightened as they watched the famous skyscrapers fall.  Our homeland had just been struck by outright terrorism, and there was nothing for us to do but watch…At least, at first.  However, thousands of Americans were not satisfied with just watching…We wanted to help, and comfort our fellow countrymen and women.  Some packed their cars, and drove to New York to help with the emergency relief.  Others donated money to helpful causes to benefit the victims of 9/11.  When the Chiefs played the New York Giants in Kansas City, just a few weeks after 9/11, fans in Arrowhead Stadium raised around $500,000.  Americans were not satisfied with “Just watching”, we wanted to help.

Wanting to help is not a new philosophy for America.  America has given millions of dollars to other countries that need our help.  We have giving aid to benefit countries that had been struck with an epidemic, natural disasters, and that have suffered from corrupted dictatorships.

America is different than a lot of other nations.  We help our friends when they fall, and give them comfort when needed.  We helped our allies in World War 2 defeat the spread of Nazism.

When terrorism and  ISIS arose in the Middle-East, which country has been on the frontlines to confront the spread of terrorism?  America.

When Haiti suffered from an earthquake in 2010, who gave $1.4 billion dollars to help those in Haiti that needed help?  America.  And not just our government, but millions of Americans gave their own money to help people that they have never met in their lives.  Not because we expected to receive anything in return, but because we knew it was the right thing to do.

When Houston got hit with Hurricane Harvey, and thousands were drove out of their homes, who helped?  You guessed it…Americans.



I think that 9/11 made America stronger, and more united.  We helped each other, and built each other up through a struggling time.  And through our strength, and struggles Americans have a desire to help others that are in need as well.  Not only because it is the right thing to do…But because we can understand some, if only some, of the hardship that others may be going through.  Americans may not be perfect, but on 9/11, we showed the world that compassion goes a long way to making a nation great, even through hardship.

Be proud of your heritage, whether you are American or not.  I am proud of being American, but most of all, we should always remember, never forget.

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