Top 10 NFL Teams Le’Veon Bell Should Get Traded to, ASAP!

3 weeks into the NFL, and Le’veon Bell and the Steelers have seemingly broken off their strange relationship.  However, instead of simply cutting Bell, the Steelers are more inclined with trading him away to another team.  Which NFL teams would be the best fit for Bell?

Here are my Top Ten:

10. Denver Broncos

The Broncos running back situation seems to change from year to year.  First, Moreno was the lead back, then Monte Ball became the starter, than C.J. Anderson, then there was talk about Devontae Booker become the starter, and now it is a toss-up between Phillip Lindsay, and Royce Freeman.  The Broncos could use a player who has proven that he is effective at the running back position.  Will it happen?  Probably not, but the Broncos would definitely give their team a boost, and could possibly make a push for the playoffs.

9. Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson has not been super effective.  Actually, the entire team has not been very effective.  Now I know that they have a decent runner with Lamar Miller, but the Texans need more than “Decent” at running back.  Think how much Watson would benefit with Bell at running back as Watson tries to establish himself as a efficient passer.  Watson would appreciate the addition, and so would the rest of the team (except for the locker room woes that Bell would bring, that is).

8. Oakland Raiders

Jon Gruden sucks!  We all know it, but would Bell be able to lift a hysterically bad Raiders team to an average team by the time it relocates to Chicago?  Plus, I think we all could imagine Le’veon Bell as a Raider…he just fits that persona.  And Bell wouldn’t mind going to Las Vegas in the future as well.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles won the Super Bowl last year, but they may be tempted to try to strive for a dynasty, instead of waiting a decade before making another appearance.  Jay Ajayi is with the Eagles, but he just got banged up, and the Eagles would love to have one of the best runners in the league be on their team for the next few seasons with Carson Wentz.

6. New York Jets

The main reason the Jets are this highly ranked is that there is a report that the Jets are interested in trading for Bell.  However, if you look at the situation that the Jets are in, this would be a move that could get the Jets to the next step.  With a rookie quarterback, having a running back to lean on through games would give the Jets franchise a sigh of relief.  The Jets may not become the best team overnight, but with Bell, teams would have to take their team seriously, just because of the fear of having Bell stomp over them.

5. Indianapolis Colts

Luck gets injured…why?  Because he has to throw the ball all the time, and rarely has a rushing game to depend on to make defenders not pass rush against his offensive line.  Now, I know that the Colts have a new rookie, but most people would agree that it is very unlikely that any of the Colts running backs will ever be at the same level as Bell.  Imagine a team where Andrew Luck does not have to throw the ball 40 times to win a game, and where the Colts rushing attack can exceed 100 yards (without it being a random-luck occurrence).

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A team with Ryan Fitzpatrick with Le’veon Bell is everyone’s dream team. No one could picture a better duo than Fitz and Bell.

Okay, lets be honest…any team with the one, the ONLY…RYAN FITZMAGIC, would be a dream team.  Bell would only be on for the ride that Ryan Fitzmagic is taken the Bucs on…Fitz is in control of Tampa’s destiny, and Bell would only solidify the excellence that Ftiz has shown the league this year.

(Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but the Bucs do not have a solid running back, and adding Le’Veon Bell may make the Bucs one of the top offenses in the league.)

3. New England Patriots

Tom Brady looked like a 40 year old man the last two weeks, and the addition of Gordon and Edleman in the coming weeks will probably benefit Brady.  But one of the things that Brady has not been privileged to have is a top running back.  Obviously, the Patriots can usually do decent at running the ball, but with Brady (maybe) declining, the need for a more powerful rushing attack has become an important issue for the Patriots.

2. Seattle Seahawks

I am sick and tired of hearing about the Seahawks running backs!  They have, like, 3 RBs that nobody has ever heard of, and will be forgotten about by next season.  When the Seahawks were great, they had the best defense in the NFL.  But they also had one of the best rushers in the league as well!  Getting Le’Veon Bell would be a step in the right direction for a Seattle organization that looks like they are in “rebuild mode”.  Plus, Russell Wilson would definitely like to have someone to the hand the ball off to, as well.

1. Green Bay Packers

Eddie Lacy was the last, good running back that the Packers had.  For the last few seasons, the Packers have been having to rely on the likes of Ty Montgomery, and Aaron Jones.  Aaron Rodgers cannot carry this entire team on his back, especially with the offense surrounding him getting worse as time goes on.  If Bell was traded to the Packers, the team may actually be considered a super bowl contender.  However, without much help from the rest of his team, Rodgers will just have to be content at falling short in the playoffs.

Well, that is my top ten NFL potential landing spots for Le’Veon Bell.  Who do you think Bell will get traded to, if at all?  Put your predictions in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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