Where Have I been?

Hey everyone,

No, I didn’t die (surprisingly).

I know it has been a month since I last wrote. I dropped out of existence randomly, and I am so sorry that all of you in the SR Nation had to wait forever.

I want to say that I have not forgotten about the blog or the community during this last month. In all honesty, I have probably thought about the blog, and the community in this last month more than I ever have. Do not worry, you have not been forgotten.

Which brings me to the point of this update…

I am officially announcing that I, on October 30th of this year, will have an announcement!

So, basically, I am announcing an announcement. Wow, that’s meta!

On the 30th of this month, I will have the biggest announcement that Sports Reaction has ever had! It will be one of the most important announcements that I will ever write. It will have humongous implications, and will impact the entire blog, and community. So, drop by my blog on the 30th of October to see what this huge announcement is…and who knows? Maybe I will drop some posts in between now and “D-day”.

I just wanted to give you all a little update to let you know that I have not died, and that there is a big change coming up in the near future.

Do not forget…October 30th, big changes are coming…Also, remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be and do WLYF!

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