This is The End | Important Announcement

The day has finally come…October 30th.

I have been teasing about this important announcement over the past week, and I know that some of the posts that I have written over the past week have not been my normal style of posts…I could not help myself.

I have been anxious about writing this post…nervous, excited, joyful, fearful, are just a few of the things that I have, am, and will be feeling over the coming months.

But hey, what is this important announcement?  Where is the “Big Change”?

There is not any reason for me to stall any longer.  I might as well just get the announcement out of the way.  Then maybe I can explain my reasoning behind it, if only a small part of it.

Okay, here it goes…I have decided to quit Sports Reaction.

It has been a honor and a pleasure to write to the hundreds of loyal members of the SR Nation over the last 2 years, and 170 articles.  But also I want to tell you that all is not lost, and that my blogging days are far from over.  That is because I am starting a new blog…That’s right!  I am announcing the ending of one blog, and the beginning of a new blog!

This new blog that I am starting is called The Thinking Hound (

This new blog will deviate a little from the sports world which Sports Reaction has become accustom with over the years.  The Thinking Hound will cover a more broad range of topics.

So basically, I want to do write about everything…yep.

I want to write about interesting facts, riddles, mysteries, humorous stories, sports (although probably not to the extent of Sports Reaction), and lighthearted opinions.  So again, basically everything.

I still do not have all the answers on where The Thinking Hound will take me, and I am open to any ideas that you all would have.  But for the moment, I am ready for the change.

I know that this is big news (What can I say, I said this announcement would be important).  Why would I do such a thing?  Why would I stop Sports Reaction?  Let me explain:

Over the last few months, I have not been happy with Sports Reaction.  Not because I was disappointed with the site, but because of myself.  I started Sports Reaction with an obsession of sports.  I dreamed of writing about sports, and thus I created Sports Reaction.  However, as the months have gone by, I have found myself getting less, and less obsessed and focused about sports.  I still love sports, but my overboard obsession with sports faded away.  I found myself not interested in writing about sports as much as I wish I was.  I felt dedicated to writing about sports, because I felt bound to the sports blog that I created.  But I was not showing the amount of loyalty, determination and passion that Sports Reaction deserves…that the community deserves.

I felt limited by the blog I created.  It is nobody’s fault but mine, and I hope I have not disappointed any of you with this decision.

I thought that you all deserved an explanation.  It has been a good run, and I hope you will continue following me on The Thinking Hound. It will be a few weeks before I start writing on my new blog, so people (and myself) will have time for the transition period.  I may do a few more updates on Sports Reaction, but I have not decided yet.  I guess we will see.

If you have any questions about the transition, or anything at all, just ask me in the comment section below.

Thank you for supporting me over the years.  It has meant the world to me!  And I hope you will continue supporting me for the years to come.

And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!



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