About Sports Reaction

In today’s society, there is a lot of stuff online.  There are blogs, websites, catalogs, YouTube, social media and much more.  When I look at these different things on the world wide web, I notice that a lot of them are successful, because they have created a community of people.  A community that are from all over the world, but united under a single site, person, blog, etc.  This communities range to people with many different interest, and I absolutely love seeing it.  However, in sports it is a little different.  Yes, there are fan base under a single team, but there is no independent source or community outside of that.  No one says, “I am a part of the ESPN Army” or “I am part of the Yahoo Sports Community”.  Nobody says that, and nobody probably will.  It is because these big sports sites do not really cater to a community, they are just providing as much news as possible.

Even though we like to think of sports as having big comradery, we simply do not see it very often.  That is what inspired me to start Sports Reaction.  I do not want Sports Reaction to be “Just a Sports Blog”, I want it to have comradery, and be a community of sports fans.  I want a place where sports fans can go, and escape to the World of Sports, and actually be a part of it.  Sports is big on spectators, and sports fans are left being just that, a spectator.  I am tired of sports fans not being a part of sports, I have often dreamed of engaging the Sports World, and I know many other fans feel the same way.  That is what Sports Reaction is, a place where sports fans do not only spectate, but engage with the World of Sports.

If you feel the same way, join the Sports Reaction Nation, and become a Sports Reactionist.  This nation of sports fans are growing all the time, and we need the best version of sports fans to be a part of the Sport Reaction Nation.  So engage the world of sports, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!