The Miami Dolphins Season is not Doomed

The Miami Dolphins have been in the news a lot lately. The Dolphins are a team that does not get the most publicity, mainly due to the fact that they are in the same division with the Patriots. The Dolphins last season made it to the postseason, but did not make it very far, because Tannehill was injured. Now Tannehill is injured again, and people are wondering how far they will go this season.

Why Colin Kaepernick’s Statistics are not the Best: Solving Kaep Part 1

I came home from working out at the gym. I had a large latte with two extra shots, like I do almost everyday. And then I looked up ESPN on my computer. And wouldn't you know? They are still talking about Colin Kaepernick not being signed. This has been talked about in the media for months, and everyone in the big media are all astonished, and offended that no one will sign Kaep. They portray that the NFL Teams are all bigots, and are just humongous haters. Am I the only one tired of hearing all of this?