O.J. Simpson Hype: Offensive or Acceptable?

O.J. Simpson was a running back, a very talented running back. On the field, he was one of the best players, however, when he is off the field, he is viewed quite differently. He is famous for the big trial against him for murdering two people, and getting away free, and clear (although the general opinion is that he did it). In 2008, O.J. was convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and other offenses. Now his parole trial is coming around, and the media has thrown itself into a frenzy.

Are these Sports going Extinct? Sports on the Decline: Part 1

Polo (the one without water, and with horses) is not as big as it used to be a hundred years ago.  Curling (which is an winter sport) is not popular either, although I do not know if it was ever popular.  However, I am not looking at a single sport that is going downhill, but a category of sports that are continually becoming less, and less popular as the years go on.

A New Hope for USMNT: Christian Pulisic

While some might consider soccer to be boring, or a waste of time, I have always liked the World Cup. It is kind of an important international sports event, and of course I want the grand ol' Red, White, and Blue to do good. By Red, White, and Blue, I mean the United States of America, not France (sorry France). What can I say? I am born, and raised in the USA, so I have to be rooting for them.