A New Hope for USMNT: Christian Pulisic

While some might consider soccer to be boring, or a waste of time, I have always liked the World Cup. It is kind of an important international sports event, and of course I want the grand ol' Red, White, and Blue to do good. By Red, White, and Blue, I mean the United States of America, not France (sorry France). What can I say? I am born, and raised in the USA, so I have to be rooting for them.

Villanova Eliminated from NCAAM Tournament

March Madness is impossible to predict, and this year has not changed a bit. Early, I wrote about there being no clear number one this year in March Madness, and about how every team is vulnerable to loss. And that was all, but proven when one of the top seeds is now eliminated. Villanova, who won the Tournament last year, lost to Wisconsin.

Heading into March Madness, is there no Clear Number One?

March Madness is some sports fans holiday, for others, it is a chance to test their statistical skills. Most of the time, there is a team that reaches an expectation of winning the Final. However, this season, every team is seen as vulnerable. Gonzaga lost its last game of the season, Kansas lost to TCU in the Big 12 Playoffs, Villanova has had devastating losses, and UCLA lost to Arizona. Is there no clear frontrunner?