O.J. Simpson Hype: Offensive or Acceptable?

O.J. Simpson was a running back, a very talented running back. On the field, he was one of the best players, however, when he is off the field, he is viewed quite differently. He is famous for the big trial against him for murdering two people, and getting away free, and clear (although the general opinion is that he did it). In 2008, O.J. was convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, and other offenses. Now his parole trial is coming around, and the media has thrown itself into a frenzy.

How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: NFC West

The NFC West was considered the best division in football a couple of seasons ago. The Super Bowl champions Seahawks, combined with the Cardinals, and the 49ers, it was a stacked division. Now, however, the division has taken a step back. Both the Rams, and 49ers had rough seasons, and the Cardinals had a worse-than-expected season, and the Seahawks made it to the playoffs, but did not go too far. How can each of these teams win this division.

Sports Update: New York Knicks President says Carmelo Anthony may Not be Traded

Free agency has been a wild ride for the NBA. Players getting traded, all-stars signing, and veterans getting cut. One of the loudest discussion's about the NBA free agency is the whole situation about Carmelo Anthony. Anthony has talent, but the Knicks have not been able to win with him, so the common opinion has been to trade him away. And for awhile, that is what everyone thought was going to happen, but New York Knicks President Steve Mills decided to add to the drama of the situation.

How Every NFL Team Could Win Their Division: AFC East

The AFC East is stacked! The AFC East have the New England Patriots, who are lead by Belichick, and Tom Brady. The AFC East also has...Um, yeah...They have the Patriots. This division is not the worst division in the NFL, but they do not have much depth past them. Yes, the Dolphins are not horrible (they did make the playoffs last season), and the Bills have much to hope for in the coming years.

Why are the All-Star Games Broken?

The All-Star games this year means NOTHING!  In past years, whoever won got home-field advantage in the World Series, which I actually liked.  If you are going to have an All-Star Game, you might as well have some sort of prize or significance attached to it.  But that is no longer the case.  The Pro Bowl is not any better, and has not, and does not have any prize for winning the game.  Lets look at why the All-Star games, even across leagues, are broken.

How Every NFL Team could Win Their Division: NFC East

The NFC East, a couple of seasons ago, was one of the worst divisions in the NFL.  They had the injured Cowboys, the QB-less Eagles, the inconsistent Redskins, and the Giants, with their horrible defense at the time.  Turn the clock to present day, and we see the Cowboys coming off a "Top Playoff Seed" season, the Giants made the Wildcard, the Redskins were contenders for a spot, and the Eagles are looking up.  All of these teams have a legitimate chance at making the playoffs, but only one can win the division.

Are these Sports going Extinct? Sports on the Decline: Part 1

Polo (the one without water, and with horses) is not as big as it used to be a hundred years ago.  Curling (which is an winter sport) is not popular either, although I do not know if it was ever popular.  However, I am not looking at a single sport that is going downhill, but a category of sports that are continually becoming less, and less popular as the years go on.

The Warriors in Trouble? Reactions to 2017 NBA Free Agency Signings

The NBA offseason has been a whirlwind, and it is hard to keep track of what is happening.  I personally love the offseason, and free agency in sports, so I really enjoy it.  However, if you have not been keeping up with it, or just have not had the time to really analyze all of the signings, well look no further.  I have 5 of the biggest free agency moves so far, and my reactions vary from love to hate, to wanting to hug someone, to wanting to punch someone.